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Datum 14.05.2014
Vložil Mary Margaret Urbanek
Titulek Urbanek & Suchacek

I live in Riverton, Utah, USA and am 65 years of age.Most of my family lives in Texas. I am the designated genealogist for my family. I am trying my best but for years I was not able to find anyone who stayed in the old country. My great-great grandfather Anton Urbanek and his wife Franciska Suchacek evidently did not immigrate and lived near Luzna. I was always under the impression that only two sons immigrated. John and Josef. They started our family tree in Texas. There always was the possiblity of other siblings immigrating but never could find them. Recently through the Czech Genalogicl Research group I have information that says there were other siblings who did not immigrate and stayed close to home. I am searching for them especially with the hopes of making contact with a distant relative who would like to communicate. On your list of names you have both Urbanek and Suchacek listed. I don't find them on your tree though. My email address is or I would list a phone number if a contact was found. I think your site is terrific and informational. I pray that you or a helper will be able to assist me. I always thought I was full Czech but that may not be. I took a DNA test from and am willing to share that. Sincerely, Mary Urbanek


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